The Master of Public Administration program is designed to strengthen decision making and public service delivery in a globalized community by preparing students’ competencies in leading and managing distinctive public and nonprofit organizations. The program is committed to educate students with leadership capacity, administrative skills, and analytical abilities to manage public and nonprofit organizations in a diverse society. 

  All program faculty members hold doctoral degrees, 40% of the MPA faculty obtained a PhD from the U.S., European countries and Japan.  MPA faculty members have experience of research or consulting in public policy and public management, and have expertise in various field of specialty.  Adjunct faculty members and practical advisors are highly qualified and experienced academics and practitioners.

    The SUFE MPA program has 48 full-time faculty members (21 are nucleus faculty members) with 13 full professors and 19 associate professors. The MPA faculty is a diversified in varies perspectives, including 50% female, 6.3% minority, 12.5% foreign citizens, 41.7% obtained a Ph.D. from the U.S., European countries and Japan, and near 90% are from other provinces.   

    The Master of Public Administration study opportunities are provided for those currently employed with 3 years working experience at least. Only full-time programs are available on a degree basis.  The SUFE MPA supports minority applicants and those have experience in rural governments. The program has a diversified student body with 59% female students and 3.4% of minority and international students.

    All students in the MPA program are in-service students who are seeking upward career development in a wide variety of professions. Our annual admission quota is around 120.  We admitted 85 in the Spring of 2016 and 50 in the Fall of 2016. Starting in 2017, we only admit students in the Fall semester and have admitted 114 students for the Fall of 2017 class.

   It takes students between 2.5 and 4 years to graduate, depending on the time to complete their theses. For example, for Admission Year 2012-2013, (total 100 students), 54% completed the degree within two and half years, 63% completed the degree in three years, and 81% in four years.

   SUFE MPA students have significant contribution in governments, especially in county and local governments and financing and economics agencies. In 2016-17 academic year, 40.4% worked at provincial government agencies, 48.3% at county or local governments, 5.6% at State-owned enterprises and 2.2% at non-profit organizations.

    During the MPA education, students are required to conduct research in the areas of public policy and public administration through internship project and thesis, and most of the studies are based on students’ working field. As a result of the curriculum design, students are prepared be public leaders and managers. According to the alumni survey in 2017, one third of the MPA students were either promoted or moved to a more responsible position within one year of graduation.  Among those who have changed job positions, 92% responded that MPA program is very important (68%) or important to their job change.

    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) MPA is an internationalized program and a member of the Network of Schools in Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) since 2013 and complies with NASPAA standard in public service values and competencies. The program is committed to prepare students to develop professional competencies and master qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to meet the challenges experienced by the governments in the context of China’s rapid socio-economic development and deepening globalization.



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