Enrollment Diversity

Revised in September 2016

    Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and the School of Public Economics, and Administration (SPEA) have a long and proud history of embracing diversity.  Founded 100 years ago by scholars from Yale, Columbia and European universities, SUFE has established a culture of openness and inclusiveness in academics, culture and social perspectives. SUFE offers its Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program within the context of the university’s history of diversity and the program’s mission, to develop public leaders, contribute to society, and deepen globalization. 

    SUFE provides strong support both financially and academically to students in minority ethnic groups and from underdeveloped regions.  For example, 12 % of SUFE’s undergraduate students have identified themselves as ethnic minorities.  And, 25.9% of students originate from China’s western regions, which are underdeveloped. These percentages exceed the averages in the national population, thus demonstrating MPA students enter an institution that has an established culture of inclusion.  

    SUFE MPA addresses diversity in ethnicity, gender, rural governments and international perspective as its strategic development objective and has established supporting policies in recruitment for these applicants. Our MPA program currently has 59% of female students and 3.4% of minority students and international students, and near 50% of our graduates in 2016-17 academic year work at country or local governments. We encourage and welcome minority, female, international students to apply for our MPA education.  We strongly support employees in rural governments to study at our MPA program.

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