Scholarships Award Rules and Regulations

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics MPA Program



Chapter I: General Provisions


Article 1

To encourage MPA students to put more efforts in their study and improve their comprehensive competency, after discussions carried out by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Master of Public Administration (MPA) Teaching Instruction Committee and the Joint Meeting among Senior Leader of Administration and the Party in Colleges in accordance with the Opinions of the Ministry of Education, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China on Deepening the Reform of Post-Graduate Education (No. 1 of [2013] in Teaching and Research [2013] 1) and the Implementation Plan for SUFE graduate students Scholarships and Grants System, we have hereby decided to set up the SUFE MPA Scholarships for MPA students with outstanding academic performance.


Article 2

The SUFE MPA Teaching Instruction Committee shall supervise the assessment of the MPA Scholarships, and the SUFE MPA Education Center shall be in charge of the implementation of the assessment.


Chapter II: Candidates and Criteria


Article 3

The MPA Scholarships candidates are current MPA students who have completed their first year of study in the program.


Article 4

Criteria for the SUFE MPA Scholarships are as follows:

1. The candidate has completed research papers independently or jointly with others as a SUFE MPA student, and has published such papers as the lead author;

2. The candidate has completed research reports and policy recommendations independently or jointly with others, which have been adopted or replied by government departments;

3. The candidate has participated in and won major awards at competitions above the prefecture-level on behalf of the MPA Education Center or SUFE;

4. The candidate has completed case studies independently or jointly with others, which have been assessed by the judge team of the Center as excellent;

5. The candidate has provided volunteer service and made outstanding contributions for the teaching and management of the class and the college;

6. The candidate has completed the cultivation plan with top or excellent performance.


Chapter III: Number of Recipients and Amounts of Awards


Article 5

The SUFE MPA Scholarships are granted in three tiers for each class: The First Tier shall be 2.5% -4% of all graduate students in each class (all percentages are calculated based on current graduate students in each class), the Second Tier 5% -8%, and the Third Tier 12% -15%.


Article 6

The First Tier Scholarship recipient is granted RMB 8,000 each (tax included, the same below), The Second Tier RMB 4,000 each, and The Third Tier RMB 2,000 each.


Chapter IV: Assessment Principles and Procedures


Article 7

The guiding principle of determining the SUFE MPA Scholarships are fairness, impartiality and openness.


Article 8

Within the first month of the new academic year, the MPA Education Center shall present a list of candidates according to the performance of the students in the last academic year, and shall publish such a list on the official website of SUFE MPA program. After 15 days that are open to objections, the list shall be re-affirmed and then be verified by the MPA Teaching Committee, after which it is announced and filed to SUFE.


Article 9

The announcement time for the degree-only MPA program is between March and April each year, and the announcement time for the regular MPA program is between September and October each year.


Chapter V: Supplementary Provisions


Article 10

The Rules and regulations are subject to the interpretation by the SUFE MPA Teaching Instruction Committee and the SUFE MPA Education Center.


Article 11

The Rules and regulations shall be implemented from March, 2014 for the degree-only MPA program, and from September, 2014 for the regular MPA program.




School of Public Economics and Administration,

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


February 28, 2014



Appendix: MPA Scholarship Evaluation Criteria and Principles

2016 - 2017 Academic Year


This are specific rules attached to the SUFE MPA Scholarship Rules and Regulations for the 2016-17 academic year.


The evaluation includes three parts:


  • Course scores: 80%。

The average score of each student will be calculated by the staff at the center in accordance with the scores recorded in the learning and teaching administration and information system, and be included into the total score of the evaluation at a proportion of 80%.


  • Comprehensive evaluation: 20%

Bonus Points method is used here, with a maximum of 10 points, which will be awarded to honorary titles and research achievements gained from entering the school till March 31, 2017.


Applicable for bonus points are social work (5 points at most) and research achievements (5 points at most):


Social work: taking up a post at the class committee, gaining the title of Advanced Worker, etc., 1 point for each; 0.5 points for blood donation; 5 points for honorary title at national level.


Research achievements: writing or editing research reports (certificate of adoption issued by related governmental department is needed), publishing papers, and authoring or co-authoring books; 1 point for each.



1.For social work applicable for bonus points, related certificate or letter of appointment, if any, shall be provided in the form of the original document or copied version.

2.Bonus points shall be awarded to research achievements gained from entering the school till April 21, 2017, and related certificate of proof shall be provided: for paper published or co-authored, the original copy of the journal or a copy of the journal, which includes the pages of the cover, the contents, and the paper, shall be provided.

3.All materials shall be collected by the class monitor who shall review the bonus points awarded to social work and research achievements.

4.All materials shall be submitted before May 2.

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