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Notice on MPA Students Scholarship Selection Results for Students of 2013

     MPA Education Center has conducted a scholarship selection process among MPA students of 2013. The appraisal method references Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Master Students Comprehensive Assessment Implementation Measures and Supplementary Provisions of Master Students Comprehensive Assessment of the School of Public Economics and Management. In addition, the scoring criteria were slightly adjusted given that all the MPA graduates are part-time students.
     The comprehensive assessment has a full score of 100, of which course score accounts for 85%, moral education score accounts for 10%, and comprehensive assessment accounts for 5%. Details are as follows:
1. Course score:
     Retrieve the course score of all the students from the teaching management information system, calculate an average score of all the courses of each student, and include it in the total assessment score as 85%;
2. Moral education:
     In the three classes of Shanghai, Shaoxing and Wenzhou, each student rates classmates on “attendance” and “interaction” which has 100 points each. The result is included in the total assessment score as 10%;
3. Comprehensive assessment:
     A bonus point scheme is adopted, with an upper limit of 5 points. Awards received and scientific research achievements must be dated between the time of admission and September 9, 2014.
     Bonus points are applicable to social work and scientific research:
     Social work: including serving in the class committee and being selected as an outstanding employee in the workplace, in each case 1 point is added; 0.5 point is added for blood donation; 5 points are added for receiving national-level awards;
     Scientific research: participating in the writing of survey reports, publishing theses, and being a co-author of a book, in each case 1 point is added;
     As Dou Yili is the teaching secretary of the MPA Education Center, she did not participate in the scholarship assessment although she was also enrolled in 2013. The class teacher of each class was responsible for distributing the mutual evaluation forms for students to complete and collecting materials of awards and scientific research, as well as calculating the average score of the mutual evaluation, checking the comprehensive assessment materials, adding each student’s average course score, calculating the total assessment score, and generating the ranking.
     When developing the assessment method for the scholarship, considering that the percentage of the number of students of the three classes of Shanghai, Shaoxing and Wenzhou is approximately 2:1:1, the decision was made that the number of students to receive the scholarship would be allocated as follows: 8 for Shanghai, 4 for Shaoxing, and 4 for Wenzhou, and 16 in total. However, as the ranking of the total assessment score showed that students from Wenzhou and Shaoxing had more bonus points in scientific research and work performance, consequently there are more of them at the front of the ranking than students from Shanghai. Therefore, it was decided to change the scholarship allocation to 6 students for Shanghai, 5 for Shaoxing, 5 for Wenzhou, and the total number remained unchanged.
     According to the ranking of the total assessment score, the scholarship award of the MPA students of 2013 is suggested as follows:
1st prize:

Wenzhou 2013210349 Pan Wenshu
Shaoxing 2013252026 Cao Guna

2nd price:

Wenzhou 2013210352 Xu Peipei
Wenzhou 2013252031 Chen Maidi
Shaoxing 2013210340 Shen Lin
Shaoxing 2013252027 Chen Kangning
Shanghai 2013252007 Wang Yefeng
Shanghai 2013252040 Huang Naxin

3rd prize:

Wenzhou 20132520346 Liang Xixi
Wenzhou 2013252047 Ma Chunxia
Shaoxing 2013210331 Chen Zhong
Shaoxing 2013210332 Dong Liang
Shanghai 2013210322 Chen Chen
Shanghai 2013210324 Huang Chuanchang
Shanghai 2013210326 Wang Jialin
Shanghai 2013252021 Wu Ping


     The above describes how the MPA Education Center conducted the scholarship assessment for the MPA students of 2013 and the result of the assessment. If anyone has any different opinions, please bring them up to the MPA Center. The period of this notice is 15 days.



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