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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Administrative Regulations on Master of Public Administration (MPA) Student Status

      In order to strengthen the management of student status, enhance the school disciplines, and maintain the normal teaching order, this policy is formulated according to the Administrative Regulations on Graduate Student Status promulgated by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Administrative Regulations on Graduate Student Status, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Administrative Measures on Professional Degree Graduate Students Training and the actual conditions of the training of masters of public administration.

I. Enrollment and Registration
      1. New students must bring the Letter of Admission issued by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and other materials as quested to report to the school on time, complete the enrollment process, and obtain the learning qualification. The admission qualification of students who fail to complete the enrollment process on time as required will be cancelled.
      2. Students must complete the registration process as required every term.
      3. If students are unable to report to the school or register on time for some reason, they must ask for leave from the MPA Education Center in advance and present their employers’ certificate. The approved delayed reporting or registration should not exceed three weeks in general.
      4. For students who delay reporting and registration for more than two weeks without permission, or exceed their approved leave without stating a reason or reporting and completing the registration process, the MPA Education Center will make recommendations, and after obtaining approval from leaders of the School of Public Economics and Management, on the third week after the required reporting and registration date, will report the names of students failing to report on time to the Graduate School, and will cancel these students’ admission or continuation qualification upon the school’s approval.
      5. Students must make full payment of the due tuition and other fees at the time specified by the school. Students who have not paid up the tuition and other fees of the current year are not allowed to register in principle.
II. Disciplines and Attendance
      1. At school, students must conscientiously abide by the university’s various rules and policies, actively participate in other activities organized by the university, the school and the MPA Education Center, and shall not be late for these activities or leave early. If students cannot participate in the activities for some reason, they should ask for leave in advance.
      2. While having classes, students must switch off communication devices like mobile phones to maintain the teaching order. If a student talks over mobile phone during the class and affects teaching, the teacher shall have the right to request the student to leave the class room.
      3. A student’s leave of absence and sick leave should not exceed 1/3 of the learning time within a term, otherwise, the MPA Education Center will make recommendations including extending the learning time, deferring exams or suspension, and will submit the recommendation to the Graduate School for approval upon the agreement of the School of Public Economics and Management.
      4. If a student is absent for 1/3 of the learning time of a course, he/she cannot participate in the exam of the course.
      5. Students asking for sick leave must present the medical certificate and sick-leave certificate of the relevant hospital. A written application is required when asking for leave of absence (if it is for work reason, the application must be affixed with the seal of the applicant’s organization) for reference in the future. Students who are absent without asking for or extending leave, or whose application for leave or extending leave has not been approved will be deemed to be absent.
III. Suspension (Drop out) and Resumption
      1. If students need to complete the program at stages for sickness or other reasons, they themselves need to submit written applications to the MPA Education Center (medical certificates of hospitals above county-level and the university’s clinic must be presented for suspension for sickness, and work unit’s certificate must be presented for suspension for business reason), and are allowed to suspend schooling upon the consent of the School of Public Economics and Management and the approval of the Graduate School.
      2. The suspension period is one term. If a student cannot resume schooling after the period expires, he/she can continue to apply for suspension, but the accumulative suspension time cannot exceed one academic year at most. In the last academic year, the university does not accept the suspension application of the year’s graduates or graduate students who have deferred the defense.
      3. If a student who suspends for sickness wants to resume schooling, he/she needs to make a resumption application to the MPA Education Center one month before the suspension period expires, presenting medical certificates of Grade II first class hospitals or above (hospitals above the county-level). The student can only complete the resumption process after the review by the university’s hospital and the approval of the Graduate School. Students who resume their schooling normally will join the lower grade.
      4. A student who suspends (drops out) schooling for sickness or other reasons for one year and still cannot resume schooling, or the suspension period exceeds one year but the student does not apply for resumption, the student will be considered to discontinue schooling.
      5. During the suspension (drop out) period, if a student seriously violates disciplines or laws, his/her resumption qualification will be cancelled.
IV. Discontinuation
If any of the following circumstances applies to a student, the student should be discontinued:
      1. Seriously violate the state’s laws and decrees and the university’s rules and regulations.
      2. Fail to make resumption application within the time period specified by the university after the suspension period expires; or apply for resumption after the suspension period expires but cannot resume schooling as determined by the university after review; or fail the physical checkup after the suspension period expires.
      3. Within the required learning time, fail required courses twice (including re-taking or changing courses).
      4. Ask someone else to sit it exams for him/her, or sit in exams for someone else, or commit other serious exam cheating behaviors.
      5. Forge data or plagiarize research results of others which has caused baneful influence.
      6. Be considered not suitable for continual training after assessment or demonstrate poor scientific research capability in the writing of degree thesis.
      7. Be confirmed by hospitals designated by the university to be unable to continue the program for permanent disability.
      8. Be diagnosed by designated hospitals to suffer from mental disorder, epilepsy or other diseases therefore cannot continue the program.
      9. Apply for discontinuation and persist regardless of persuasion and guidance.
      Discontinuation of a student must be reviewed by the school. The student status will be cancelled upon approval of the Graduate School. Students who have completed a year of learning and the required courses of the training plan will be granted a certificate of completion. Students who have not completed a year of learning, or have completed a year of learning but have not completed the required courses of the training plan will be given a certificate of learning.
      Students who leave the school without approval shall be deemed as voluntary discontinuation, and no certificates will be granted.
      Students whose status is cancelled, who are discontinued (excluding those who apply for going abroad/leaving the country but do not make the trip), or who are expelled cannot apply for resumption. For students whose learning qualification has been cancelled, tuition cannot be refunded. For students who are approved to discontinue, the tuition portion for courses taken will not be refunded, and the remainder will be refunded.
      The names of the students who are approved to discontinue and who are expelled will be submitted to Shanghai Student Affairs Center.
VI. Reward and Punishment
      1. For students who excel in studies and behavior or are outstanding in some areas, a notice of commendation will be circulated after the selection, and  certificates of merit, scholarship or titles will be granted as recognition and rewards.
      2. For students who have poor political performance and bad character, breach the rules and regulations of the university, and violate the state’s policies, laws and decrees, and the criminal law, punishment will be given such as warning, serious warning, recording a demerit, probation, discontinuation order or expulsion according to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Implementation Rules for Punishment of Student Discipline Violation.

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