Understand the Urban Migrant Children Issue, Broaden the International Strategic Vision

Two Academic Lectures Held at MPA Center

The MPA Center has presented a series of academic lectures in order to enrich the knowledge of students and introduce the practice of public management. On June 18, two lectures were organized at the auditorium on the first floor of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Administration Building. Fu Wenlin, Vice President of the School of Public Administration presided over the lectures, which were attended by nearly 100 MPA students of the years 2015 and 2016.

In the morning, Chen Yuanyuan, an associate professor at the School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, gave a lecture entitled “The Future of Cities - Status quo and Predicament of Education for Migrant Children”. Chen Yuanyuan’s research fields were Labor economics and applied micro-econometrics. She has published papers including “Migrant children Receiving Education at Public Schools in China”, “School Type and Education for Migrant Children: An Empirical Study in Shanghai”, “Parental Education and Wages: Evidence from China”, etc. revealing her in-depth study on the issue of migrant children education. The lecture provided a penetrating analysis on the migrant children education in the cities, especially in first-tier cities, from four aspects including the general survey and policy evolution of migrant children education, the follow-up study on migrant children education in Shanghai, the population control policy and policies for different educational stages. Through extensive statistical analysis of the data and changes in migrant children education policies in relevant cities, combined with analysis on economic development stages in China, and by leveraging cases, videos and other materials, Chen explained to the students the relationship between urban development and migrant children education and the significance and then raised questions for the students to contemplate on.

In the afternoon, Li Xin, a researcher at the World Economic Research Institute of Shanghai Institute of International Studies, director of the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies and doctoral supervisor of World Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics gave a lecture entitled “One Belt, One Road: Building A Comprehensive Euro-Asia Partnership”.

Mr. Li received his associate Ph.D. degree in economics from the Russian Federation in 1994 and became a postdoctoral researcher at Fudan University after returning home. In 1997, he worked successively as an associate professor, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. In 2006, he became a senior research scholar at Department of Economics, National University of St. Petersburg, Russia. He had profound study and insights on the Russian international affairs and issues and is the head of the “One Belt, One Road” task group at Shanghai Institute of International Studies who participated in the development of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. Mr. Li introduced the international status of the Chinese economy in the “New Normal” period, and shared with the students the process how the “One Belt, One Road” policy was brought forward, as well as explained the different responses given by economies and countries such as Russia, Central Asia, ASEAN countries and India, etc. after launch of the policy and the reasons behind it. Also explained were the substantive changes brought by the policy to China’s new pattern of a comprehensive opening up strategy, while relevant challenges and issues were raised to attention.

The academic lectures helped open up the students' horizons, so that students will actually relate the knowledge of many courses they’ve learnt, such as public management, public economics, public policy analysis, political science, modernized social governance, etc. to the reality issues mentioned in the lectures, which will be beneficial to the practice and application of the public management learning.


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