The first SHUFE MPA teacher and student badminton invitational tournament was successfully held


       In order to enhance friendship between teachers and students, strengthen the sense of belonging between MPA students and alumni, and further improve the quality of MPA education, SHUFE MPA Center held the first MPA teachers and students badminton invitational tournament on Saturday January 13, 2018.

      This tournament for all SHUFE MPA teachers、students and alumni, although near the end of the year, it still got positive response from the students and alumni. MPA students from China, Mongolia, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia, MPA alumni from Shanghai and Nantong, and faculties totaling more than 20 players enrolled the tournament. Three items are set up, which are Men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles; players can team up or they can register independently, then be drawn collocation by MPA center. All the players take a single cycle inning, 21 points per game, 2 points wins a negative side for 1 points, award for each item.

       After the earnest preparation of the MPA center staff, the competition was officially began at 16:30 on the day. Each group of players fought in cold weather, everyone tried their best for the opportunity to score.  After nearly 3 hours of fighting, the game successfully ended. Indonesia and Vietnam students team, school teachers and school staff team with the team won the mixed doubles, women's doubles and men's doubles champion. The tournament also prepared high level players for the next year's national MPA badminton invitational tournament , alumni Wang Song from Nantong showed his superb skills and excellent competition style.

       During and after the game, students, alumni, colleagues  communicated a lot, discussedccd the future harvest, agreed that such activities greatly enlivened the school atmosphere, enhanced the students, teachers and alumni exchanges and friendship, they all hope this event can be held every year and gain greater influence and harvest.  


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