NASPAA international student simulation case competition exchange meeting was held successfully

       The 2018 NASPAA international student case competition will be held by the end of February and early March in a number of countries and regions. Several students of our school will participate in the China division of the competition. In order to provide participants with better opportunities to learn and experience, in the afternoon of January 13th, the college organized a special exchange meeting. Professor Li Huiping hosted this exchange meeting, the participants in 2017 participated in the exchange meeting.

      At the exchange meeting, the participants in 2017 introduced the basic situation of the international student simulation case, highlighted the main contents of the competition method, the competition process and the competition section, and gave a brief hint about the need for competition and pre competition preparation. Combined with the experience of the competition, the participants in 2017 shared their feelings. In the competition, with the basis of reading, they need to clarify the case context, think and analysis from the macro direction, industry development, the global environment and other aspects. Combined with professional expertise, they find out the key points of public management, use the selection of effective solutions, and implement the emergency process of various possible adjust strategy according to the party the case, then summarize and improve public management core competence.

       After sharing, professor Li Huiping made a summarize, she hopes the players will be actively involved in the game with a confident state, and enjoy the process, enjoy the harvest, she also looks forward the team to gaining more glories for SHUFE.

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