MPA project and teachers participated in the Third Asia Pacific public policy network (AP-PPN) Annual Conference and poster exhibition

  From March 30th to April 1st, the third Asia Pacific public policy network (AP-PPN) annual conference was held at the Tsinghua University. Our tenured associate professor Li Huiping, assistant professor Chen Jia and Dr.He Huawu took part in the conference on behalf of SUFE, and the IMPA project of our university participated in the Asia Pacific public administration (MPA) project poster exhibition.


  The theme of this annual meeting is "Bridging the Gaps among Policy Education, Research and Practice", and hundreds of scholars from 14 different countries and regions attended the meeting. The conference, including subject speech, guest forum and round table forum, has carried out comprehensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the frontiers of public policy disciplines, public administration and public policy courses, MPA and MPP projects development, and the hot issues of public management disciplines.

  At the guest forum, associate professor Li Huiping, the only representative of the Shanghai area, joined the representatives from nine famous universities including Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, National University of Singapore, Western Sydney University of Australia, Tsinghua University and People's University, introduced their MPA education projects at the plenary meeting. The challenges and the cooperation of MPA projects within the region is also discussed.

  As a moderator or a review expert, Li Huiping, assistant professor and assistant professor Chen Jia respectively participated in the course teaching round table sub-forum and paper report round table sub-forum. In the course teaching round table sub-forum, the scholars of various countries carried on a thorough discussion on the outline design, the selection of the teaching materials and the content of the two courses of the public policy analysis and the public policy tool. Scholars have formed a consensus on how to rationally design teaching methods, effectively use the resources of Moocs, and further strengthen the cooperative research on curriculum teaching in the future, and formulate specific action plans. In the paper report round table sub-forum, more than 90 papers were divided into 18 sub forums for thematic discussion. The papers involve different research contents of policy and politics, environmental governance, e-government affairs, social policy, anti-corruption, intergovernmental relations, citizen participation, policy design and public policy cooperation in the asia-pacific region.

  The Asia Pacific MPA or MPP education poster exhibition was held in parallel with the annual meeting, designed to provide an opportunity and platform for the MPA and MPP projects of the participating colleges and universities, with a total of nineteen colleges and universities in the Asia Pacific region. According to the requirements of the sponsor, the MPA center carefully designed and produced the poster of the IMPA project, and took and recommended our paper publicity materials to the meeting participants. The posters and materials of our school have received a lot of attention from representatives, which has effectively expanded the influence of MPA project at home and abroad.

  The Asia Pacific public policy network (AP-PPN) was launched in June 2016 by a number of Asia Pacific famous public policy and management schools. It aims to provide communication platform for scholars, educators and practitioners in the area. Previously, the Asia Pacific public policy network has held 2016 and 2017 sessions in Hong Kong University Science & Technology and Chiang Mai University, Thailand respectively.

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